NEW! Ridiculously Creamy Yogurt

Whole milk yogurt made with our fresh creamline milk right from the farm.

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Local Tastes Delicious!

Deliciously Fresh Creamline Milk from our small family farm.

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Beyond Your Wildest

Really Creamy. Really Fresh. Really Delicious.

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Re-FRESH-ingly Local

Milk bottled right at the source. It makes a difference!

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The Reedsville Creamery

Deliciously Fresh Milk, Ice Cream, Yogurt, and Other Dairy Products From the Farm Just Down the Road

We’re a local creamery in Reedsville, PA producing non-homogenized, cream-line (Yup! you can see the cream) milk and other dairy products directly from our family’s dairy farm. It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and we’re having fun! Join us on the ride as we reclaim “local” in the dairy industry and knock out the money-guzzling middle man by processing the milk directly at the source. It’s better for the community and it tastes better also!

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The Reedsville Creamery Difference

Feature 1

Local: Know Your Milk Source

We pump the milk straight from the barn into the creamery where it is processed, bottled, and then sent to local stores for you to purchase and enjoy. When you drink our milk you know the farm and the cows it came from. We think that is valuable!

Feature 2

Healthy: rBST-free, Creamline Milk

Our fresh, rBST-free milk is slowly pasteurized in adherence to strict FDA standards. But, we don’t homogenize it! This makes so that the cream stays separate from the milk and helps the milk retain its health value and its deliciously fresh flavor!

Feature 1

Sustainable: Better for the Local Economy

We cut out the money-guzzling, “dairy-lict” middle man in the dairy industry. This allows us to pay more to the farmer (my dad), while also selling a fresher, healthier milk through other local small businesses at a competitive price for you to enjoy. Everything is local. And Local Tastes Better.

Feature 2

Ethical: Animal and Environmental Care

Our dairy farm is a certified member of the National Dairy FARM program. A program that ensures the highest standards for animal care, wholesome milk, environmental stewardship and workforce development on today’s dairy farms.

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