Our Self-Serve Farm Stands

How to Use and Where to Find Our Revolutionary Farm Stands in Central PA

local farm stands reedsville creamery

One of the unique features of our business is our self-serve farm stands in the local area. Outside of selling our products in a lot of local retail stores, we also have a few of our own self serve stands that you can drop by and purchase your dairy staples as well as other locally grown or produced products.

Our stands are equipped with self-checkout kiosks so you can simply enter the products you are purchasing and pay with credit card or leave cash (no change available).

Throughout the year we feature other local produced products in these stands, including locally grown meat, fresh baked goods, sweet corn, and other garden produce. Follow us on our social media for regular announcements of available/seasonal products at the farm stands.

Our Farm Stand Locations

local farm stand reedsville creamery reedsville pa

Reedsville, PA (at the farm)

1146 Honey Creek Rd
Reedsville, PA 17084
7am – 7pm (Monday-Sat)

local farm stands in central pa reedsville creamery

Lewistown, PA

131 South Plaza Dr
Lewistown, PA 17044
5am – 10pm (Monday-Sat)

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