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How We’re “Milking Our Passion” To Make the World a Better Place

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Hello Wonderful Folks

I’m Loren Kauffman, the always energized (it’s the chocolate milk), always optimistic owner of Reedsville Creamery. I grew up on our family dairy farm, milking cows, drinking milk, and experiencing the frustrations of the incredibly inefficient, unhealthy, and unsustainable commercial dairy industry. Let me explain what I mean by that.

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What’s Wrong with the “Dairy-lict” Industry?

  • Lots of money and resources spent on hauling milk from the farm to the processing facility hundreds of miles away often.
  • Milk is heavily processed with high speed pasteurization and homogenization, killing off the delicious flavor and creaminess of fresh milk
  • Milk is then distributed anywhere and everywhere. Milk from our farm might show up in a store in Wisconsin and milk from Wisconsin might show up in a store near us.
  • The big guys make all the money. The little guys and hometown farmers struggle to survive.

Being an ambitious, entrepreneur type of family, we decided to tackle these problems head-on.

That’s why we started The Reedsville Creamery, right on my dad’s farm.

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Here’s how we’re tackling those problems.

What’s Right with Our Legen-dairy Business

  • No money or resources spent to haul milk from the farm to the processing facility. It gets pumped straight from the storage tank to our creamery because we are located on the farm.
  • Milk is lightly processed with slow pasteurization so that it adheres to strict health standards. We don’t homogenize, leaving the cream able to separate from the milk and keeping that deliciously fresh and creamy flavor.
  • Milk is then distributed only locally. Milk from our farm shows up in local stores and other small businesses. None of this shipping milk all over God’s creation! Local always tastes better.
  • The local economy makes all the money and small businesses benefit. The big guys are out of the picture and the local farmer thrives.
  • You get to enjoy deliciously fresh milk at a great price and feel good about supporting the local economy. WARNING! It’s almost addictive.

And we’re having FUN!

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