Our Creamy Whole Milk Yogurt

Ridiculously Creamy Yogurt Made From Our Fresh Creamline Milk

Our newest product line is this whole milk yogurt that is made with our creamline milk directly from the farm. Since it is made with non-homogenized milk, this yogurt features a thick, creamy layer on top from the cream separation in the product. Underneath this delicious, top layer you’ll encounter the richest, smoothest yogurt you ever tasted. Since it is made from healthy milk and produced by a local business, you can eat a HUGE bowl-full of this stuff in the morning without guilt. You can find these yogurts at our farm stands or at one of the many stores that sell our products throughout Pennsylvania.

Vanilla Yogurt

Available in 6oz and Quart Sizes

Maple Yogurt

Available in 6oz and Quart Sizes

Plain Yogurt

Available in 6oz and Quart Sizes

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