Know Your Milk #1: What Is Creamline Milk?

And Why Does It Matter?

what is creamline milk and why it matters

I never thought you would catch me saying this, but you should really consider getting “cream-ated”

Of course, I’m speaking of milk. And deliciously fresh milk with a rich cream layer on top that hasn’t been ruined by some dairy-lict process.

I’m speaking of CREAMLINE MILK! And I highly recommend getting “cream-ated” by it.

pouring fresh creamline milk in pa what is creamline milk

It will be beyond your wildest “creams”, I promise.

What Is Creamline Milk?

Creamline milk is non-homogenized milk that has a layer of cream that separates from the milk after it has been processed and bottled. It is the most natural form of milk that can be purchased on a store shelf. 

Homogenization is a brutal process that breaks down the cream into tiny particles by pushing it through small screens/openings at very high pressures. This alters the makeup of the cream and it is then mixed in throughout the milk without the ability to separate again into a cream layer. Many people, including us, believe the milk loses some health benefits during this homogenization process. We definitely believe it loses its flavor.

Most homogenized milk is actually milk that had the cream separated, broken down through homogenization, and then fat and vitamins are thrown back into the milk to try to bring the fat content and the marketable value of the vitamin level back closer to it’s natural state. It’s a tragedy!

Creamline milk avoids all of this tragic processing. The cream stays in it’s natural form, is able to be separated and mixed up again, maintains it’s vitamin and bacterial value, and just tastes better!

We’re of the opinion you should never drink homogenized milk again. Friends don’t let friends drink homogenized milk!

is creamline milk healthy for you

Is Creamline Milk Pasteurized?

Yes, creamline milk is generally still pasteurized. We follow strict adherence to FDA and State guidelines for milk processing to ensure that no harmful bacteria are able to be present in the milk.

However, not all pasteurization processes are created equal! Normal, mass-produced milk goes through an ultra-pasteurization process that heats milk up to high temperatures in a matter of seconds and then cools it back off in a few seconds. This process kills all harmful bacteria but also kills anything good that remains in the milk.

Our creamline milk goes through a very different pasteurization process. We use a vat pasteurization process where the milk is pumped directly from the barn to a vat that very gently heats it up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and holds it for 30 minutes at this temperature to reach FDA legal pasteurization status. This gentle process ensures safety without killing off all the healthy bacteria and proteins in the milk that enable you to digest it well.

Is Creamline Milk Good for You?

Absolutely, because of the natural state of the milk, creamline milk is still in a God-designed form that maintains it’s natural nutritional value. Milk naturally has many enzymes that help your body in digesting it. Because of the ultra-processing of most milk, these enzymes are often destroyed and this is likely the reason so many people are dairy intolerant these days. Slow vat pasteurization keeps these enzymes intact and we often hear of people who are supposedly dairy intolerant being able to drink our creamline milk with no adverse reactions.

Creamline milk for the win!

Does Creamline Milk Taste Better?

We sure think so! Unfortunately many people have been trained to think of milk flavor in it’s ultra-processed, vitamin injected, watered down form. Because of this some people have to get use to the deliciously creamy, fresh flavor of creamline milk. But once you’ve tried it there is no turning back!

And if whole milk isn’t your thing maybe the worlds most delicious chocolate creamline milk is?

reedsville creamery creamline chocolate milk does creamline taste better

Or creamline strawberry milk?

reedsville creamery strawberry creamline milk is it good for you

Or creamline cookies and cream milk?

cookies and cream milk creamline milk what is it the reedsville creamery

You get the point. We’re masters of “cream-ation”!


  1. I am a milk drinker and never heard of this. We just moved up to Penns Valley and came across your product at local family grocer. In fact I bought a gallon just thinking it was whole milk. Wow, such a delicious surprise. I will never drink homonogized milk again. Goes great with Fruity Pebbles.

  2. Been enjoying your products for awhile now and wanted a better explanation of what “creamline” is. This article helped alot and made me appreciate your products alot more because of it.

    Still the best milk I’ve had to date.

  3. A glass of Creamline Milk from Reedsville creamery is like having your very own personal time machine. One glass and you’re transported back in time to another world.

    It’s purely delicious.

    It’s so good, I think I’ll have another glass right now.
    Thanks Reedsville Creamery!

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